PHP 5.6 and up.

MySql 5.7 and up.

How the game script works

Players join for free, they deposit BTC and fill layers with it.

Once players have added enough BTC so that a layer is complete, the BTC from that layer is then distributed as rewards to players.
A new layer is automatically started and the value of this new layer is the value of the previous layer + 1

A mathematical formula is used to ensure a fair distribution to all players.

(layers value / sum total of layers ) X (player's level) = reward

In the equation the 'layers value' is same as the number of the current layer eg:
layer 1 = 1 BTC
layer 2 = 2 BTC
layer 3 = 3 BTC

In the equation the 'sum total of layers' is the values of each layer added together eg:
layer 1 | sum total 1 (1)
layer 2 | sum total 3 (1 + 2)
layer 3 | sum total 6 (1 + 2 + 3)

In the equation the 'players level' is the total amount of BTC they have added to all layers, plus the total amount of any BTC they have reinvested into all layers.

For example lets say a player deposits 2 BTC into layer 5. the formula is calculated as following...
(layers value / sum total of layers ) X (player's level) = reward
(5 / 15) X 2 = 0.66 BTC reward

Players are able to reinvest some or all of their layer reward into the next layer.

if a player reinvests half of their reward each time then their payout is the same each time a layer completes.
if a player reinvests all of their reward their reward amount will grow with each layer.
if a player withdraws all of their reward their reward amount will shrink with each layer.


Admin Features

Super easy install.

Desktop and Mobile friendly.

Comprehensive install guide covering all aspects of setup included.

Set minimum deposit from 0.00000001 to 1

Set minimum reinvest from 0.00000001 to 1

Set layer amount from 0.0000001 to 1

Choose amount of confirmations before BTC deposit is added to a users balance.

100% of BTC Deposits always go to the BTC wallet of your choosing - no middlemen.

Optional Referral system to help promote your game.

Set referral reward amount from 1% up to 50% of referrals deposit.

Set referral reward for first deposit only/every deposit of each referral.

Set referral reward for deposit only/reinvest only or deposit and reinvest of each referral.

Easily ban members by ip/email/username etc.

Option to have users enter email on sign up so you can create email lists.

Option for users to confirm their account by email.

Option to disallow changing of email/username/btc address for security

Lifetime updates.

24/7 support.

...and much much more.

Players Features

Free to join.

AJAX code is used to make the game dynamic.

AJAX degrades gracefully if user has javascript disabled.

Layer progress bar automatically updates without having to refresh the page.

All players stats on their profile page automatically update without having to refresh the page.

Simple and complex Calculators included to show players what their next rewards will be, helping them decide what strategy they will use for withdrawing and reinvesting.

leader boards to show which members are getting the highest level/withdraw/deposit/referral rewards.

and much much more.

Script Price

1 Domain - 0.05 BTC (0.05 BTC Per Domain)

2 Domain - 0.09 BTC (0.045 BTC Per Domain)

3 Domain - 0.12 BTC (0.04 BTC Per Domain)

4 Domain - 0.14 BTC (0.035 BTC Per Domain)

5 Domain - 0.15 BTC (0.03 BTC Per Domain)

See a live version of this game script in action here...

BTC Layers

This is a fully working install.
You can register and play on it!

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