High Quality BTC Game Script

Runs on any server that has MySql & PHP installed.

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Simple quick install

Upload script.

Run install.php.

Enter a few configuration details in the admin back end.

Website is ready to go.

Desktop and Mobile friendly.

No need to install Bitcoin software on your server

Script uses 100% free 'Mycelium Gear' payment gateway.

You receive 100% of each payment instantly and directly into your BTC wallet of choice.

Full and simple instructions on how to set this up included. (takes 5 mins max)

Fully Customizable

Full access to all html files.

Full access to all css files.

Full access to all php files.
(a few core functions are encrypted so the script will only work on your domain of choice)

Powerful admin backend

Comprehensive stats on each user.

dashboard for you to see all pending payments.

Ability to ban by email/ip/username etc.

Set minimum and maximum deposits.

Set amount of BTC confirmations before deposits are added to a users balance.

Optional referral system for your users.

And much much more.


All buyers of this script receive support 24/7.


0.05 BTC
(Discount for multiple domains)

Learn more about the features and how the script works